Schefield Life Coaching Certification Courses

Life Coach Certification Training Courses for New and Advanced Coaches in Schefield, ND

The Spencer Institute gives you numerous Schefield educational programs, certification courses, as well as coaching business and marketing systems



Here are some of our most popular Schefield, North Dakota life coaching training programs: (partial list)

The Spencer Institute is an institution that provides numerous online coaching programs for individuals from all walks of life. Along with its coaching programs, Spencer Institute also has lessons on how to become a corporate wellness coach, life strategies coach, lifestyle fitness coach, personal fitness chef, holistic life coach as well as a mind and body fitness coach.

According to the institution, the certification they offer only takes about twenty hours to be completed. Once you apply and enroll for the course, the test has to be taken within a year. The certification awarded to you is valid for a few years, along with continuing education credits for future renewal.

Spencer Institute has an array of certifications to choose from, and participants also get to enjoy support anytime your want to start your coaching career or take what you've learned to the next level.

You can enroll into the Spencer Institute for $179 and get involved in very quick programs including holistic life coaching and wellness coaching that last for about one to two weeks. All the programs can be completed in the institute's user-friendly and easy-to-use online classroom.

Certification/Training Programs

Corporate Wellness Coach Certification

Price: $297

Design Psychology Coach Certification

Price: $197

Master Health and Wellness Coach Certification

Price: $497

Green Living Coach Certification

Price: $297

Holistic Life Coach Certification

Price: $197


Life Strategies Coach Certification

Price: $797

Lifestyle Fitness Coach Certification

Price $147

Mind Body Fitness Coach Certification

Price: $127

Personal Fitness Chef Certification

Price: $197

Sports Hypnosis Certification

Price: $127

Sports Psychology Coach Certification

Price: $157

Stress Management Coach Certification

Price: $150

Sleep Science Coach Certification

Price: $197

N.B: You can choose between the Single Payment Option or 4 Payment Option for some courses.

The Certifications at the Spencer Institute are rich and exhaustive. For starters, let us look at five of their most popular programs.

Holistic Life Coach Certification

As a student, when you enroll in the holistic life coaching course, you will learn more about various coaching definitions, the history of holistic coaching movement, coaching suggestions, coaching code of ethics, meditation, the art of movement and reflexology touch.

Moreover, you will find out why clients are looking for alternative health solutions, the benefits of naturopathy, physical dimensions, coaching, ayurvedic principles, osteopathic approaches, and herbs for preventive health and cleansing. Moreover, you'll learn how to balance the mind, body, and spirit.

You'll also get an idea of how to understand clients so you can teach them better. Also, the institution will teach you summaries relating to the Holistic Coaching Movement along with how you can apply them in your coaching business.

Wellness Coach Certification

The Wellness Coach Certification is one of the institution's most popular programs. Just like the other programs offered in Spencer Institute, the Wellness Coach certification is a home study course created people looking for a career in the industry of health and wellness. When you enroll in the course, you will be provided with a grounded background on topics such as physical and emotional health, nutrition and stress management, and preventing cardiovascular disease. Moreover, the course includes instructions on how to market yourself as a wellness coach.

Mind and Body Fitness Certification

The Spencer Institute also offers mind and body fitness training. The focus is on holistic mind and body training as well as practices such as tai chi, yoga, meditation, science and business options.

The coaching program offers you a comprehensive perspective on both old and today's mind and body strategies as well as their applications. When you enroll in their mind and body Fitness program, you'll learn how to share the amazing gifts of a healthy mind, body, and spirit with clients. In essence, your value as a fitness professional will be significantly increased. The institution combines modern day discipline and strategies for both mind and body practices.

You will learn how to increase pleasure while reducing stress. As a student, you'll be given in-depth online courses that includes holistic concepts, coaching concepts, motivational techniques, health strategies, business strategies and much more.

Design Psychology Coach Certification

The Spencer Institute Design Psychology Program will teach you how design psychology can be used to build meaningful and fulfilling places for your clients. Once you complete this course, you will have the special skills to assist your clients in improving their personal fulfillment and success by professionally and skillfully transforming their home or office into a place that supports them and give them maximum comfort.

Corporate Wellness Coach Certification

The Spencer Institute Wellness Coach Certification is a comprehensive and self-paced program that gives you everything you need to become fully qualified to manage and facilitate health risk management, health promotions, and corporate wellness programs for a vast range of clients.



Life Strategies Coaching: If you are new to coaching, this is where you should start your life coaching career.  You will learn basic through very advanced life coaching techniques and coaching business methods.

Schefield, North Dakota Wellness Coach Training: Wellness coaches help their clients to develop healthy living habits, reduce stress factors, and improve their overall happiness.

Schefield, North Dakota Green Living Coaching: The "Go Green" and organic living movement is growing in popularity and is the new field for life coaches.

Schefield, North Dakota Stress Management Coaching
: Our stress management coach program is designed for life coaches, in addition to fitness and wellness pros who want to expand knowledge in the expanding field of stress management.

Schefield, North Dakota Corporate Wellness Coaching: Corporate fitness and wellness coaching is a multi-billion dollar industry that is perfect for fitness, wellness, nutrtiion and lifestyle coaches.

Schefield, North Dakota Holistic Life Coaching: Holistic life coaches improve a client's personal development from a multi-directional perspective – viewing the person as a complete being – rather than an individual who may have a particular unresolved challenge.

Schefield, North Dakota Sports Psychology Coaching: You can easily integrate our Sports Psychology Coach Certification into your existing career in sports, fitness, coaching or psychology.